WTAKO Network

Am I really good at IIDX? But I have failed Mare Nectaris SPA. Git gud needed?

The things

My GitHub profile

I hate the code written by me 4 years ago.

My LinkedIn profile

You already know what it is.

My onlinesequencer profile

Listen to my songs that I put in low effort. Don't listen to non featured songs because your ear will bleed.

My SoundCloud profile

Listen to my songs that I put in medium effort. Don't listen songs older than "Mus8 ver3" because your ear will bleed even more.

My blog

Not really for you, seriously. If your brain's wavelength does not match, you will not interested in it.


If you don't play Taiko no Tatsujin, then you won't be interested. Laggy website.


The best Android HKGolden reader yet. There is not much to explain. Please just try and pay me if you like to. :)


Just yet another Android HKGalden reader. Please note that HKGalden is not HKGolden.

WTAKO Uprising

A spectacular but no longer existing Minecraft server in Hong Kong.


Minecraft server reborn. No bullshit.

My image classifier

I am really bored enough to waste that time and cpu power.

Public web service

Public dropzone

The public dropzone. Unlimited storage (100MB max file size).


This is a part of WTAKO Uprising. The forum itself acts as whitelist and community. (No longer work since PHP7)

Minecraft-HK Server List

The website retrieves Minecraft server list from Minecraft-HK, a popular Minecraft community in Hong Kong.

Index of /home/saren/public_html

Public junks built by SimplePHPFileIndex. You could probably find something useful there.


This is the REAL not-for-you thing, if you don't use datHKG. I hope you won't need it too.

node.js chatroom

My first node.js application. Does this even count?

4th gen WTAKO

The old 4th generation main page written by Koyin. It was dedicated to WTAKO Uprising. (No longer work since PHP7)

3rd gen WTAKO

The old 3rd generation main page written by me. It was dedicated to WTAKO Uprising.

2nd gen WTAKO

The old 2nd generation main page. It is dedicated to nothing but to practice my coding skills long time ago.

1st gen WTAKO

Umm, totally broken. Who would want to see this ancient thing?

Wocky's OWATA site

Are you serious for entering this site???

Private web service (Probably not for you!)


Beautiful system monitoring dashboard. Open for everyone.


It stores a lot of my secret programs. Happy breaking in.


It is my personal movie database. Happy breaking in.

Aria2 WebUI

It is my personal BT downloader. Happy breaking in.

PHP VirtualBox

Yo boy.


System monitoring / alerting service. You don't want to break in this one.


Super image resizer. Image not relevant.


Home surveillance system. I honestly hope this shit will never be useful.